Student Testimonials

Great training class!"

RN, CWOCNColorado

Information was extremely up to date and usable"


Very knowledgeable with skills"


It was great. Met all my expectations!"


Good course for experienced and 'greenhorn' clinicians"


Valuable information that can be applied to your clinical setting"


Informative course with knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors. They kept it interesting and fun"


I learned so much and even enjoyed being in class all day. I am recommending this course to my colleagues."


"I just wanted to let you know how helpful your workshop was to me. It was an excellent learning experience, as well as fun. You didn’t make us feel incompetent when we slaughtered our porcine specimens. By the end of the session I felt good about what I could do. I am looking forward to working with my preceptor in the clinical setting. Thank you for helping me to be able to give my patients high quality, competent wound care.""